Detroit JazzStage Welcomes the New Year with Phil Ogilvie’s Rhythm Kings, Part 2

Phil Ogilvie's Rhythm Kings performingWelcome to Part 2 of our New Year’s celebration. Our guest, Phil Ogilvie’s Rhythm Kings, was recorded live at the Firefly Club in Ann Arbor, MI. If you haven’t heard Part 1, please click here to download it. Part 1 can also be found in iTunes. Enjoy the show.

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Songs (in order of appearance):

1. Radio Rhythm
2. Deep Night
3. New Moten Stomp
4. Jones Law Blues
5. Feeling No Pain
6. Junk Man
7. Roll On Mississippi, Roll On

Band Members

Clarinet and Saxophones: Andrew Bishop, Tom Bogardus, Mike Jones
Trumpets: Paul Finkbeiner, Ingrid Racine
Trombone: Gene Bartley
Piano: Jim Dapogny
Tuba: Chris Smith
Guitar and banjo: Rod McDonald
Drums: Steve Fentriss

Opening Music – Mark Byerly’s “Marks Mood” available on the self titled CD Bop Culture
Closing Music – Mark Byerly’s “Erroenious” available on Bop Culture’s CD The E.P.
Infomation on both CD’s is available at


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