Detroit JazzStage Welcomes Clarinetist and Saxophonist Wendell Harrison

Wendell HarrisonClarinetist, tenor saxophonist, and educator, Wendell Harrison, has been a creative powerhouse in Detroit for several decades now.  Artists he has worked with include Jack McDuff, Elvin Jones, Sonny Stitt, Grant Green, Sun Ra, Eddie Harris and Hank Crawford. Along with the Wenha and Rebirth labels, Wendell is also the creator of Tribe records.  Recordings from the Tribe label are highly sought after by both jazz and electronic collectors.  In his highly acclaimed and successful teaching methods, the Be Boppers Method Book, Wendell presents “the Gospel of Barry Harris” as translated through his own experiences.

Join Jim Gallert and Rodney Reeves as Wendell reminisces about his musical upbringing in 1950’s Detroit up to his current projects.  He introduces us to the people that influenced him along the way such as Barry Harris, Harold McKinney, Sun Ra and John Coltrane.

Music heard on this edition will feature Wendell along with inspiring performances by Harold McKinney, Cecil McBee, Kirk  Lightsey, Juma Santos, Doug Hammond, Jerry Gonzalez, James Carter and others.

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Music heard on this show

Boomerang – from Forever Duke – A Tribute To Duke Ellington

Wendell – Clarinet, Tenor saxophone
Charles Tolliver – Trumpet
Jaribu Shahid – Bass
Danny Spencer – Drums
Rick Roe – Piano

Ring Man – from Live In Concert

Armstrong Park – from Something For Pops

Wendell Harrison – Clarinet
Harold McKinney – Piano

Rush & Hustle – from Wendell Harrison & Mama’s Licking Stick Ensemble

Wendell – B-flat clarinet
James Carter – Double B-flat contra bass clarinet
Ernie Rogers – E-flat contra bass clarineHarold Orr – Bass clarinet
Greg Koltyck – B-flat clarinet
Paul Onachuck – B-flat clarinet
Ken Hobenstreet – B-flat clarinet
Harold McKinney/Pamela Wise – piano
Marion Hayden – Bass
Alex Brooks/Enix Buchanan – Drums
Jerry Gonzalez – Timbales
Mahindi Masai – Congas, percussion

Jazz On The Run – from Eighth House: Riding With Pluto
Wendell – Tenor Saxophone
Juma Santos – Percussion

Changing The Scene – from Fly By Night

Wendell – Tenor Saxophone
Cecil McBee/Jaribu Shahid – Bass
Kirk Lightsey/Pamela Wise – Piano
Doug Hammond – Drums

Opening Music
– Mark Byerly’s Marks Mood available on the self titled CD Bop Culture
Closing Music – Mark Byerly’s Erroenious available on Bop Culture’s CD The E.P.
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A special thanks goes out to Mack Avenue Records recording artist Rodney Whitaker for supplying us with our introduction. Go to for more information on Rodney and their many other great artists.


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